Skate Nepal Collab T-shirt Black


Skate Nepal’ is a British-based non-profit organisation founded in 2016 that is committed to sustaining and nurturing the skateboard community in Nepal.

‘Baglady Supplies’ is a company from South East London that has strong ties to Skate Nepal. Baglady as a brand is deeply rooted in photography, art and street lurking, we see skateboarding as a counter culture form of expression, not a sport. We believe that the way to sustain skate culture is to keep it inclusive and spread our wealth of knowledge and resources across borders.

Therefore, Skate Nepal and Baglady have collaborated to raise money for this cause. 

50% of the sales profits on this T-shirt will be donated directly into future projects — into skate park construction, gear donations, supporting skate infrastructure and helping create opportunities for the local youth to pursue skateboarding through inclusive skateboard workshop programs’.

Photograph on T-shirt shot by photographer Tom Delion, Kathmandu, 2018.